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Decaf - Colombia - Las Nubes

Decaf - Colombia - Las Nubes

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Green Apple, Spice, Floral

Claudia Samboni 
1,700 masl
Las Nubes
Fully washed
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 The farm Las Nubes is in the village of Agua Negra, just 15 minutes from the municipality of Pitalito, with an altitude of 1700 m above sea level. Las Nubes was acquired in the year 2020, giving us the opportunity to have. plantations of each of our varieties, as well as a space for the research of our coffees. 
Its excellent location and the great environmental offer that we have, allows the production of excellent coffees, strategically joining the air currents that come from the Laboyos valley to meet the freshness of the mountain of the natural reserve that surrounds our farm, this place has a great panoramic view, giving us the best sunsets in the city, this is undoubtedly a farm that gives us the opportunity to walk on green and dream in coffee. 
It is worth mentioning that this arduous work has been done collectively, together with our team Aromas del Sur, from processes such as germination, production, and exportation we have reached hundreds of places, being one of the finest Colombian coffees. 
Our recognitions come with a purpose, to celebrate and enrich our coffees. The Yara Champion Program in 2017 allowed us to become champions, securing first place with Pink Bourbon. In that same competition, we also won the Yara Champion 2018 silver with the same variety. In 2019, Roasters United came to us, awarding us first place with Washed Purple Caturra and a third place with the same variety. For us as producers and for our team, it is very rewarding to see that our coffees manage to stand out as some of the best, capturing not only palates but also hearts. 
This is how our goals grow, aspiring to be a sustainable company that endures in the history of this wonderful world of coffee. We aim to break the barriers that have been set for us in this field, allowing us to continue discovering the different ways to love this bean. For us, what happens in the fermentation process is still an unknown territory, but witnessing how microorganisms, yeast, enzymes, and everything that occurs within each process is truly impressive. It's about how, as producers, we can make the most of it, ensuring that the coffee industry remembers us over time for what we have achieved and what we will continue to do with this bean. Our goal is to keep discovering the paths that coffee offers us daily, to be a reference for future generations, and to leave a legacy that fills people with curiosity and happiness when they encounter so much magic with the aroma of coffee. 

Las Nubes Decaf Washed begins with harvesting and is then floated to remove impurities, then it is pulped and placed in anaerobic bins, then washed and taken to the African beds and parabolic dried for around 25 days. 
Our processes manage to demand more and more of us, and thus reach a level that allows us to promote and offer our coffees to the high-quality standards required by the international market, always seeking that our profiles are solid and consistent, captivating palates and hearts of people. has made them know and live this wonderful experience. 
After this drying process, the coffee is threshed in our dry mill. 
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