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Colombia - El Mirador - Pink Champagne

Colombia - El Mirador - Pink Champagne

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Strawberry, Floral, Green Apple

Variety: Caturra, Catiope

Region: Huila

Farm: El Mirador

Processing:  Pink Champagne, Washed

Pink Champagne Process
For this process, the CATIOPE variety was chosen for its quality, its production and
good behavior for any process, it presents a good average of Brix degrees of around
20%, in addition to this it has a great sweetness material that allows the
microorganisms to have an optimal area to work, where some of them such as
lactobacillus and saccharomyses cerevisiae are extracted and an anaerobic
fermentation is generated when both the fermentation base is deposited with the
coffee, being totally sealed for the programmed fermentation time
then they begin to be cultivated separately before incorporating them into coffee,
giving way to a large scale where a significant volume is produced.
By having these microorganisms already separated, a part of them is removed to
another new crop, the mix of fruits are added, which we as producers want to induce
into the coffee to generate the attribute we are looking for, for this a mass of 80 liters
is separated for a 200-liter drum of that mother crop to which we have already added
the mix of fruits and the sweetened, with this it brings a Brix degree equal to the
degrees that the coffee already brings; This mother culture takes 6 days to reach its
optimal state, which is summarized in 144 hours of fermentation for the culture to
process together with the spices and / or fruit until the pH and the appropriate Brix
degrees are obtained to enter the coffee.

In the case of this process, we separate the microorganisms and add the mix of fruits
that highlight this coffee, then it begins to ferment and begins to feed the mother crop
with an energizing source, providing it with energy so that the microorganisms work,
little by little. It is fed with spices and sweet until the preparation of the culture that is
already fermented and with an excellent load of microorganisms is achieved.

Subsequently, the coffee that is collected is taken, we proceed to pulp and deposit
inside the fully sealed 200-liter plastic cans, we pour the coffee and apply the 80
liters of the solution that is already prepared and comes with the spices.
The coffee is incorporated and placed to ferment for 140 more hours, we take this
until the Brix degrees do not drop below 9 and the pH does not drop below 4, we
have discovered this balance point for the coffee and be able to highlight the notes
that We are looking for.

About the Farm - El Mirador
In the world of differentiated coffees, we have been experimenting and evaluating
variables that help to improve the quality of the coffees that we handle in order to
offer an excellent beverage to our clients for more than 13 years.
The area of the farm is 31 hectares, where we have sandy-loam and clay-loam
soils with good conditions of organic matter that help to provide excellent nutrition
to our coffee plants. Our coffee cultivation is managed under semi-shade systems
to optimize the temperature regulation and photosynthesis effect in our coffee 
trees. In our zone we have harvest dates, the first between the months of May-
June-July known as MITACA and the second between the months of September-
October-November-December which is the MAIN HARVEST. The processes that
we have established are NATURAL-WASHED-HONEY-FREZZER, Koji, which we
handle according to average Brix degrees to process of 20° with an acceptance in
scale of maturation of 90% ripe grains, we have evaluations of pH for final ranges
of fermentation that depends on temperature of the mass and ambient
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