Old World Coffee Theory

Theory: (Noun)A set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based. Here at Old World Coffee Lab, we believe in a single theory.

Our aim is to constantly evolve and elevate what the coffee experience can be. How do we do this? Our approach is guided by three key principles. These are Science, Art, and the respect of Coffee.

Key principles:

  • The Science of Coffee
  • Artistic Expression of Coffee
  • Respect of Coffee As An Ingredient

We still stand behind our pillars: passionate about coffee, a show of hospitality, dissemination of coffee education, and others, but this article is to share our renewed focus to the craft of coffee as a product and how we incorporate our key principles to deliver a holistic specialty coffee experience.

We adhere to a standard of excellence with a dash of artistic flair for the products we serve. We pay homage to the origins of coffee by developing the unique flavor profiles, dialing in and allowing for each strain of coffee bean to be its truest self.

“Treating coffee with respect as the main ingredient to much of what we do.”

We’re thinking outside the box, shifting our mindset to a bottom-up approach, and it starts with the coffee. We’re hooked on the feeling to pursue a never-settle-for-good-enough mentality.

This experience will challenge what each of us has come to accept coffee to be, it should inform us of the of great amount of work -- from the producer, farmer, exporter, importer, roaster, and finally to the barista -- that went into bringing us this coffee.

Over the next few days, we will be releasing a series of videos and accompanying blog posts that further explain our theory of coffee and the reasoning we’re adding the word “Lab” to our name.

With coffee in hand,

The fine folk of Old World Coffee Lab

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