Old World Coffee Lab Theory Is...Science

You may be thinking “Really, the science of coffee?” It’s just a normal, every day, caffeinated beverage, right?

Well, you may be surprised to learn coffee is one most complex edibles we can drink or eat. It is estimated that there are around 1500 (good) chemical compounds that form your coffee.

This means coffee in terms of varietal, unique flavor profiles is actually far more complex than even wine, which is estimated around 800 chemical compounds.

The complexity of coffee is something to get excited about, but also something we as a coffee company have great respect for.

Excitement flows from the fact they’re are so many nuances and subelties of flavors in each individual coffee bean strain and caffeinated beverage we create.

Yet, we have to have a great deal of respect because coffee can be so complex in flavor profiles and chemistry then, naturally, it must be relatively complex to prepare well.

All in all, it means,

“We’re devoted to studying coffee at its foundation and intimately understanding everything that goes into our product.”

As a coffee lab, we provide extensive on-boarding (and ongoing) training to each of our staff in all things coffee. You will regularly hear us discussing things like: origin, varietal, processing method, the elevation coffee is grown, roast development, and the extraction percentage of espresso.

Essentially, we really nerd out on coffee.

We like to challenge convention. We encourage each of our staff to experiment and break the rules. We are constantly tasting, testing, re-tasting, and refining our process -- so that we can give each and every customer the best possible coffee experience.

Treating coffee as a science and extensively training our staff allows us to create a standard excellence around the quality of coffee we are serving, as well as a methodology for consistency and repeatability.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the complexities and depths coffee can have. And we’re increasingly excited about what’s to come in the near future for us and, more importantly, YOU as our passionate coffee-loving friends.

With a coffee in hand,Your coffee experts at Old World Coffee Lab

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