Old World Coffee Lab Theory is...Coffee as an Ingredient

We’re wishful thinkers here at Old World Coffee Labs. We also have a sincere respect for coffee as a key ingredient. Especially knowing that doing so can open a whole new world of flavors that we have never tasted before.

Our wishes? To see the natural characteristics and flavor possibilities be explored to their fullest. Similar to the craft cocktail drink culture, our aim is to bring forth nuanced and highlighted uniqueness by using coffee as an ingredient.

We do talk about coffee as an ingredient, but we aren’t saying that it’s the only way to drink coffee. We still love the simplicity of the classics: pour over coffee or shot of espresso. But there is something alluring about diving deeper into coffee, learning and experimenting to discover new ways to entice your taste buds with each cup served.

We’ve made some grand discoveries already -- keeping with the respect of coffee as an ingredient -- pairing complementary flavors such as rosemary, lavender, maple, anise, or even rose water.

We’re able to experiment to our heart’s content and expand the possibilities of our beverage offerings. This allows us to continually and freely challenge what we think will taste great, and make flavor pairings that equally excite the senses.

With Ingredients in Hand. Your friends at Old World Coffee Lab

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