Old World Coffee Lab Theory is...Art

Art (Noun): The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination...producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

“Taste and flavor profiles are relatively subjective and specific to each individual’s taste buds, which means -- in some shape or form -- we can all have appreciation for different aspects of coffee, regardless of your experience with quality coffee.”

As farmers, roasters, baristas we in the coffee industry have an ability to place our own artistry, attribute, expression, and creativity shown in each carefully prepared, wholly loved cup of coffee.

No two cups of coffee will ever be the same, which for those of us who want to see consistent repeatable results can be mildly frustrating. Yet, if we come to accept this fact, we can move forward and pay more attention to the unique experience for every single one of our customers.

Once we have established that standard of excellence, that says coffee should be consistently excellent and of the utmost quality, we can infuse our own creativity to each cup we hand out.

There is something powerful about being able to place your own creativity into your passions to share with others. Creating a work of art that not only can be admired for its beauty, but felt with each cup, have an alluring aroma, and memorable taste.

An overwhelming art piece that touches each of your four senses. Can you tell we’re passionate about coffee?

As a company we encourage everyone involved with producing your favorite coffee drink to put their own artisan flare on it. In order to create a truly unique and shared experience with you our beloved customer.

With coffee in hand, Your local coffee artists at Old World Coffee Labs.

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