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Espresso Served on a Tray?

We often get asked why we serve our espressos on a tray. We get it. It's weird. What could be a speedy shot of caffeine is now presented on a little platter with the tiniest cup of water you've ever seen and a spoon to match it's size.

So what's the point of this ordeal? Well, a lot of work goes into that little shot of delectable goodness and energy. From the way the coffee is grown, harvested, processed, roasted, and down to the very barista pulling your specific shot. There is a lot of care that goes into pulling a great shot of espresso. So, naturally, we want to make sure that we serve the espresso in a way that reflects, and allows you to enjoy, every drop of care that's gone into your espresso. Also it just looks so fancy. Oh boy! Look how fancy it is!


First the water. It's sparkling. That's fancy.
The sparkling water is simply a palette cleanser. Drink it before your espresso to prepare your taster to taste with all it's might. This ensures you get the full experience and not just the burrito you ate ten minutes ago.

Secondly, the spoon. The short answer is: the spoon is for stirring. We believe espresso should be stirred in order to be properly enjoyed. It's fine if you don't want to stir it. We promise not to stare at you disapprovingly. Why do we stir it though? Espresso extracts in layers. From the most soluble particles to the least soluble particles. Each layer tastes different. Generally, they don't taste super great individually. When they're all stirred together though, they shine. That's when your shot is at it's best. Our baristas stir while dialing in the espresso as well. So the best bet for your palette's pleasure is to stir it as well.

That's it! So next time your enjoying a delicious espresso be sure to take a moment and consider all the work that's gone into making your day just that much better.

- Josiah

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